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The right to education of internally displaced children/youth in Burkina Faso made possible thanks to WAN
The insecurity affecting the Sahel has left hundreds of thousands of people displaced, including many children and young people. In the "9th" district of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, some large families are settled and live in precarious conditions, with food, economic, sanitary and housing problems. Sensitive to the situation of internally displaced children and young people and faithful to its commitment in their favour, ISS-WA, through WAN, set up in December 2019, as a matter of urgency, an initiative to promote the rights to education called INITIATIVE 1-2-3. A total of 123 of them have been supported in an educational project. Three months after their reintegration into schools, ISS-WA and the AMWCY organised a follow-up mission for these children and their families.