Our team

Our team

The SSI-WA is a multidisciplinary team whose principles are solidarity and reciprocity following a quality approach oriented to the positive impact on the rights and lives of children whose ambassadors we claim

Djibril Fall

Dr. Djibril Fall is the current Director of the International Social Service – West Africa, which he founded in 2012.

Through his various engagements with international NGOs and global agencies, he has been involved in all the child protection dynamics in Africa in the last decade, particularly within the inter-agency platform on the protection of children in Africa. childhood in West and Central Africa. He has participated in the development and dissemination of new approaches to the care of migrant children in need of protection. His twenty-two years of experience as a researcher or program manager, he has spent with international organizations in Africa and Switzerland. He also founded and managed for a few years in Geneva “Trial-consulting” a private firm of social strategies before deciding in 2008 to return definitively to Africa after long years of mobility.

Djibril has a multidisciplinary background and holds a PhD in Development Studies at the Geneva Institute of Advanced International Studies and Development.

Mr. Abimbola Lagunju

Abimbola Lagunju is a medical doctor.

He has over 24 years of experience in the field of development, most of which is at the Terre des hommes Foundation as Country Director (Mozambique, Senegal and Republic of Benin / Nigeria) and Regional Councilor (Africa of Africa). West) for the Health of Mother and Child / Nutrition.

Abimbola Lagunju is a writer with 14 books (poetry, stories, novels and political essays) published. He is also a contributor for some online newspapers. His articles can be found online as well as on his blog: www.afropointofview.blogspot.com

Abimbola has been Special Advisor for Programs at ISS-WA since 2015

Ms Abena Yamoah

Abena YAMOAH is an engineer, trained in water and sanitation.

But guided by her commitment to the welfare of the most vulnerable, especially children, she quickly turned to social work with children.

Abena started her professional life in Ghana with the NGO RECFAM, where she was responsible for the department in charge of the care of migrants in general, then as a case worker under the RAO mechanism.

Abena joined SSI-WA in 2014 as Technical Advisor in Quality Monitoring

Abena is passionate about reading.

Ms Melanie Gnandi

GNANDI Kpandipou Mélanie was Regional Coordinator of the TEH project from April 2014 to July 2016 at Plan International Togo, an international humanitarian development organization.

Prior to this she was ECPAT’s Subregional Coordinator for Francophone Africa and Regional Associate for Africa of ECPAT International.

It capitalizes more than ten years of experience in coordinating and managing projects / programs of national, regional and international NGOs.

Mélanie holds a Master’s degree in English at the University of Lomé, Togo and has certificates including two in project management, and one in monitoring the rights of the child.

She joined the ISS-WA in 2017 as Technical Advisor in Quality Monitoring

Mélanie loves traveling, music and cinema

Mr Mamadou Sarr

Mamadou SARR received initial training in Sociology. He later embarked on the psychology of Orientation where he obtained the Certificate of Aptitude to the Functions of Counseling Psychologist (CAFPC). Mamadou served in the Senegalese public service as a psychologist, a counselor for educational and vocational guidance.

Since 2015, he has been at SSI-WA as Technical Advisor in Quality Monitoring.

Mamadou SARR is passionate about sports including football and basketball he has practiced for a long time.

Mr. Ibrahim Lawani

Graduate of the School of Social Welfare of Benin, Ibrahim LAWANI embarks on the social as a professional, with the Terre des hommes Foundation Benin-Nigeria, from 2012 to 2014. He was among others, in charge of the promotion of the community health in the mother and child.

Ibrahim then obtained a Master’s degree in Legal Sciences at the University of Abomey-Calavi and followed a training in journalism that allowed him to exercise for two years, this function at the Office of Broadcasting and Television of Benin (ORTB).

Very committed to social work and humanitarian, Ibrahim LAWANI resigned from the ORTB to join the SSI-WA in June 2017, in charge of Community Support.

Ibrahim is passionate about reading and music. He also likes Internet, cinema, traveling, cycling, football, basketball.

Ms Solange Fiaty

Solange Fiaty was educated at the University of Benin, present University of Lome in modern communication option. She worked for 10 years at Togolese Television as a sports journalist

She also ensured the establishment and administration of the regional secretariat of the West Africa Network of Human Rights Defenders (ROADDH / WAHRDN) for 8 years.

Passionate about human rights, Solange is very committed to promoting and protecting the rights of women and children.

She is also a trainer of human rights trainers

Solange is a member of Amnesty Internationale and former international handball

She is since 2015 Responsible for communication at SSI-AO

Mr Christian Domboué,

Graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d’Informatique (ESI), Christian joined the world of development by Plan Burkina in 2008, then ACDI / VOCA in 2011, and finally SSI-AO in 2013. Convinced that development can not be done without taking in consideration of all the components of society, Christian advocates that the specificity of each human being be at the very center of all development actions. This explains his activism in youth organizations in Africa.

His main hobbies are: lectures, debates and football.

Christian has been in charge of data management at ISS-WA since 2013.

Mr. Yahaya Masse

Yahaya graduated from ISIG, the current University AUBE-NOUVELLE where he graduated as a construction engineer in 2014.

Yahaya was then intern at TELIA-Informatique, then at ZEPINTEL as a Developer Analyst. He also served for 3 months at the Ministry of Water and Sanitation (MEA) as a programmer analyst.

Yahaya is passionate about Football and swimming.

Ms Evelyne Kousse

Evelyne KOUSSE is a training accountant. Graduated from the Cheikh Anta Diop University and UCAO of Senegal, she returns to her country to participate in its development.

A child rights activist, Evelyne worked with the Burkinabé Association for Childhood Survival (ABSE) to develop and present the alternative report of civil society in Burkina Faso to the Human Rights Committee. United Nations child in 2012.

She joined the ISS-WA in 2013 as administrative and financial manager

Evelyne loves music and training in personal development.

Ms Jeanne Bognini

Jeanne BOGNINI holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Business and Organization Management (EGEO) from the University of Ouagadougou. After some advanced training, she joined the SSI-WA in 2016 as administrative assistant and accountant.

His love of neighbor and his solidarity with others are his main motivations.

Jeanne loves theater and is passionate about cooking.

Ms Cynthia Yonli

Cynthia Yonli has a degree in public law and a professional degree in human resources management from the University AUBE new (ex isig international)

She has completed several internships, including one in a notary firm, been a commercial in a credit distribution company before starting in 2017 an internship of administrative assistant at SSI-AO

Cynthia loves music and reading