The boundaries of childhood

An immersion in the PAO network for the protection of children in West Africa. This Network deals individually with vulnerable children between the 15 countries of the sub-region, to reintegrate them socially and professionally.

Duration: 26 minutes

Languages: French, English, Portuguese, German

Co-production: SSI-Switzerland

Director: Thomas QUEILLE


The resources of childhood

Barthélémy, Filibert and Animatou each lived in exile, street life, exploitation and violence while they were migrant children in West Africa. Their fate has crossed a social worker from the RAO, the West Africa Network for the protection of children. In Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso, as in the sixteen countries of the RAO, eight stages punctuate the care of unaccompanied minors. Step by step, the three children become independent until they become independent.

Duration: 35 minutes

Languages: French, English, Portuguese

Co-production: SSI Switzerland

Author: Jonathan Vanlamsweerde


The paths of childhood

The paths of childhood examines the trafficking and exploitation of Bissau-Guinean children in Senegal. While they came to follow the traditional Koranic teaching, these children are forced to beg for money in the streets.

We follow these young migrants from their care in the reception centers in Dakar to their villages of origin where they find their family and the schools of the community school. Once on their homeland, the word is released. Brave children denounce their parents the physical and psychological violence they suffered. This film also highlights the demanding field work that RAO partners are doing on a daily basis with migrant children.

Language: French, English, Portuguese

Co-production: SSI-Switzerland, SSI-AO, ENDA JA, AMIC

Director: Rémi Willemin





Run For children 2016

4 marathons in 4 consecutive days in 4 countries: this is the challenge that the Director of the International Social Service (SSI) Switzerland has raised in West Africa from 28 to 31 July 2016. Olivier Geissler will start a race in 4 steps from The Gambia to the Republic of Guinea (Conakry) through Senegal and Guinea-Bissau to raise awareness on the issue of children in mobility and young migrants. This challenge also raises funds for the care of these children and young people.

Director: Rémi Willemin