International Manual of ISS

Largely inspired by the practice of the SSI Switzerland, SSI-AO to which the contributions of the other members of the SSI at the international level add up the international manual of the SSI on “children on the move” shows the approach of the SSI for the taking into charge of migrant children.

“This initiative was proposed by SSI Switzerland at the International Council of SSI in Melbourne in April 2016 and is the result of the collaboration of the MNA team here who developed the content and that of the SG that took care coordination and some specific aspects. I would like to thank SSI-WA for their contributions, contributions and feedback to this important publication for our Common SSI Network “said Olivier Geissler, Director of SSI Switzerland

This document, while addressing the challenges related to the transnational care of children in mobility and young migrants, proposes eight (8) steps for a quality approach.

This manual will also be a tool to advocate for the Rights of the Child at all stages of its care, as well as a first step towards the adoption of international standards in this area, within the Joint General Comment (OGC) on the rights of the child or the Global Compact, two United Nations initiatives

Manual to download here

September 3, 2018